Our Business

It is a group of experts who have over 30 years of experience in oil and gas,

petrochemical, power generation related domestic and overseas plant construction



Consulting on EPC work related to construction of various plants

Marketing of various products resulting from oil/gas production processing

equipment, refining equipment, petrochemical plant and power plant equipment

Safety diagnosis of various facilities in the previous section

Environmental consulting in various plant construction


EPC service & Commissioning support

Proposal creation

Design and check operations

Procurement business

On-site construction management

Site work safety management

Safety study on operation side

Commissioning preparation work and commissioning

Commercial operation and maintenance


Document creation / support

Preparation of trial operation procedure / performance test procedure

Create plant operation manual

Device data list creation

Create spare parts list


Dispatch of Japanese engineers and others

We can dispatch experienced engineers or supervisors to the engineering offices

of Japanese engineering companies and various plant construction sites in Japan

and overseas. We can also dispatch experienced people in project support work,

such as procurement or administration work. We can also dispatch instructors or

lecturers such as safety lecturers.


At our company’s founding, we mainly dispatched to plant operation preparation

and trial operation work, but now we have engineers or supervisors at all stages of

EPC, as described below, until design, procurement, construction and operation

We are dispatching.


Basic and detailed design related to construction of various plants

Procurement of various plants

Construction work management at the construction site of various plants

Operation preparation / trial operation / commercial operation / maintenance

of various plants


Many of our staffing staff are OBs or experienced staff of major domestic

engineering company or energy manufacturing / sales company,  have

extensive expertise and experience, not only as one engineer, one supervisor,

I am convinced that we can offer performance beyond your expectation as a

key person for project execution.


Filipino dispatching (domestic and overseas)


Through our Philippine business partners, we will send Filipino engineers

and supervisors with abundant knowledge and experience to overseas oil,

gas and petrochemical plants, power plants and fertilizer plant construction sites.


Dispatched Operations

Construction work supervisor

Commissioning preparation and commissioning supervisor

Operation and Maintenance Operation


In addition to the above, we are working on construction sites in Japan that

are becoming more and more labor shortage, various manufacturing factories

We also dispatch Filipino engineers. Furthermore, not only technical staff but

also service

We also dispatch a sincere Philippine staff about work.

Upon dispatching to Japan, depending on the customer’s request, our company

in the Philippines It is also possible to dispatch after taking Japanese language

training at the business partner’s office.

You can also take lectures on business manners in Japan as well as Japanese.


Recruitment of Foreign Human Resource (High-Qualified)

Together with our business partners, we introduce the high-qualified people

supporting your business from the Philippines, North America and Australia

by our own recruitment, selection and education and training system.


Upon adopting foreigners, there were various problems to date, such as language

problems, cultural differences, procedural problems, cost problems, etc.

We can strive to deal with these issues. We can also optimize ourselves as a

comprehensive concierge on foreign recruitment for customers. We also build

an environment where foreign workers can work with peace of mind, in cooperation

with customers even for customers who employ foreign workers for the first time.


Our strong point is the fact we have been involved in overseas construction projects

for over 30 years, and through the experiences of sweating with various foreign

workers, we have learned what kind of human resources was demanded by

Japanese companies.

For this reason, we have built a partner system to introduce excellent foreign

human resource.


We would like to take this opportunity to ask you to consider our manpower supply

service as one of the measures to survive the era of labor population sharp decreases.


Translation business

Various technical documents

Specifications for various equipment etc.

Training materials

Operation and Maintenance Manual







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